Monday, August 3, 2009

My First Romance ~Pein Love Story~ Information.

You're a 18 year old girl. You recently joined the Akatsuki. You're an O.C.D freak, everything you wear has to match your hair. You have a slight obsession with red roses. You're very skinny. Most girls call you a slut/whore because of how you dress, but your personalitly is nothing like that. Though you can be a tease at times. When you joined Akatsuki you had no intention of hooking up with any of the guys. Your best friend is Konan (though you didn't become best friends until you joined Akatsuki) and you guys have always gotten along. All the guys in Akatsuki want you, except for Sasori, though some guys are better at controlling it than others. Konan never gets jealous of you. Konan is dating Sasori.

Character Trait.
You have long red hair that comes down to your lower back. You have a redish eye color, a beautiful color. You always wear a red and black halter top that ties together at the chest. Your shirt connects with you pants with 2 thin strings. Your pants are tight with a black and red color mixture. You always wear long black gloves. You have two straps to your halter top but you never wear them. Your boobs pretty much hold up your halter.

Picture of you.

Rain, Water, Reading, Dogs, Music, Friends, Akatsuki, Lightning.
Perverts, Fanboys, Cats, Annoying People, Wind.


Mother, dead. Father, alive. Brother, alive. Sister, alive.

Hidden Leaf Village.
Pein is the leader of Akatsuki, he is in his mid 20's. He is looked up to by the rest of Akatsuki. He is very very strong. He can have a temper problem at times. He's not someone you want to mess with. He has his eye mostly on strong people, weak people don't interest him.

Character Trait.
Always wears a black cloak with red clouds on it. He has 15 noticable piercings. 6 in his nose and 7 in his ears, along with 2 on his bottom lip. He has orange hair and grey ringed eyes. He is also very muscular.
Picture of Pein.

Pain, Akatsuki, Power, Being God.
Idiots, Annoying People, Weak People.
Long past with Konan and Nagato.
All dead.
Hidden Rain Village.

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